Microworms (Panagrellus Redivius) FULL CULTURE


Microworms are an easy, low maintenance live food great for beginners!

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  • Diet:  yeast
  • Social behavior:  wiggles
  • Average adult size:  1.5 mm
  • Average purchase quantity:  2 oz for starter, 4-8 oz in full


  • Temperature:  room temperature
  • Substrate:  Mashed Potatoes, Oatmeal and dried yeasty
  • Lifespan of culture:  should be stirred ever two weeks, replace substrate as needed (once a month)

What I Love About This Food:

  • Perfect first foods for most fish
  • Lives in the water for up to 48 hours!
  • Natural prey simulator
  • Easy food for new and experienced breeders

Microworms are an easy, low maintenance live food great for beginners!

They are excellent first foods for fry.  They live about 48 hours once you feed them in the tank, so this helps reduce food waste in fry tanks.

They can be kept in a small container (don’t forget they need air to breathe!).  They live in a substrate made of mashed potatoes.  Feed them fresh mashed potatoes or yeast once every other week or as needed if fry are born.  The more you feed, the more worms you will have! The more worms, the more often you have to restart the culture.

You can culture them easily by scraping them off the sides/lid of your culture.  Some people use fingers, but a Popsicle stick, Q-tip, or tiny spatula is also acceptable.


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