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  • Diet:  Filter Feeder – Green Water, Yeast, Spirulina
  • Social behavior:  Bounces around looking like delicious
  • Origin:  ponds or stagnant water
  • Average adult size:  about 2 mm


  • Temperature:  65° – 85° F
  • pH:  6.0 – 9.0,  needs calcium to develop shells. If you have soft water, add calcium carbonate.
  • Minimum tank size:  shoebox

What I Love About This Food:

  • Natural Laxative
  • Live Prey induces fish frenzy
  • Possible to breed at home
  • Brings out the best colors in tropical fish

Daphnia are small planktonic crustaceans or water fleas due to their swimming style resembling the movement of fleas.  They live in various aquatic environments such as puddles, lakes, and swamps.

Daphnia Magna are the larger form of daphnia and are excellent for adult fish of all sizes!  They are highly nutritious and act as a natural laxative for the fish struggling with constipation.


  1. You can grow daphnia in almost any size container.  We’ve raised it in a 1 gallon glass jar and a 250 gal IBC tote! The important thing is surface area.
  2. Always age your water before adding to daphnia culture.  They have no tolerance for any level of chlorine. Your water should have a pH from 6.2 – 9.  When your water needs to be changed, you may notice a pH spike. We use old aquarium water to add to our daphnia cultures.
  3. The ideal temperature is 68 – 85 degrees.  They tolerate cold much better than heat.
  4. They eat green water (algea), yeast, and bacteria.  You can grow green water outside with old tank water.  If you feed yeast, you want the water to be slightly clouded after adding it to the culture.  The daphnia are filter feeders, so make you must make sure that you feed them if the water becomes clear.  Do not overfeed or your culture will crash. You can also grow indoors with a 24/7 light over a bucket of green water.


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