Hello Word!

This is the first official blog post from the SJAquatics team! As with most things around here, feedback is not only welcomed, it is encouraged!
SJAquatics is committed to providing education, conservation, and distribution.`

We live in the great modern age of information, but yet much about fish keeping is not online. SJ Aquatics strive to provide vital fish keeping information. We are always looking for writers to join our team!

As the world faces the modern problems of industrialization and climate change, it becomes important for everyone to do their part in conserving the variety of freshwater fish life on our planet. Many wild fish thrive in our home aquaria, and hobby fish keepers are an important way to ensure the survival of a species. SJ Aquatics is committed to ethical breeding of key species to preserve in the wild.

We want to provide only the highest quality fish whether grown in farm, collected from the wild, or bred in a friend’s basement. SJAquatics was founded to foster a community of hobby breeders. But farms and collectors have a vital role to play in keeping up the variety and standard of aquarium fish.

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